Revizní a posudkové lékařství

Medical Revision

Medical Revision Bulletin

In the journal, original papers, general and conceptual articles, reviews, experience from practice and up-to-date information from the above disciplines are published. The journal is focused on health and sickness insurance , financing and economics of the health care, methods of medical control activities, medical audit in relation to other medical disciplines, analytical and statistical analyses, problems of infosystems of health insurance companies, international comparisons and search for otpimal shape of the Czech system. The journal also comprises a periodical published so far by the Institute for Postgraduate Medical Training, i.e. Medical Revision Bulletin. This appendix is focused on postgraduate training and information on generally valid methods in medical control activities.

Frequency: 4x
Format: A4
Printed pages / year: 40 / 160
ISSN: 1214-3170
Volume : 1 (Zdravotnictví a zdravotní pojištění 2)
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